Best of my headlines

My favourite headlines: These are some of the wittiest headlines I have ever given on news pieces and articles during my four-year long writing career.



I Know what you will do next summer- I had given this headline to a news piece about a seminar that claimed that the police would be able to predict the date and time of a crime soon. (for The Maharashtra Herald, October 2007)


Father Terressa- This was a story done by my friend about a ward boy in MY Hospital in Indore who despite his retirement, keeps serving the leprosy patients there. I am very proud of this headline. (This was for India Today)


Eau-de-Itra For one of my most celebrated reports on Indian scent (Itra). This was a sub-headline I had given to one of the value additions in the story for The Free Press Journal (2005).


She disabled the odds For a news report that talked about a physically disabled girl who topped Class VIII board exams. The Maharashtra Herald, June 2007.


Recycle (memories) Bin This was a sub-head in my column on college campuses. The column talked about final year students’ feelings on leaving the campus. (The Free Press Journal 2005)



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  1. Shreshth says:

    Hi maam…
    well even of hd nt written ur name nd just given me the link.. i wud hav instantly recognised that it is ur blog….!!!
    well for the blog.. is exactly like U…..(hope this says it all!!!)

  2. Hi mam
    An amazing display of sheer creativity. Very nice lines.

  3. Shakina says:


    Loved the “Eau-de-Itre”, “Father Teressa”, and “She Disabled the Odds” ones… keep it up!


  4. Paritosh says:

    well one thing is sure that only news paper or written media is only thing left ..which still give you a sense of some real Journalism and creativity…..otherwise God save humans from media.

  5. nikhar says:

    Hey dear!

    they are not headlines but head breaking lines………

    Quite witty………


  6. anand says:

    bahut hi badhiya!!!!!!! mujhe sabse jyada “she disabled the odds” yeh punch achcha laga. D 4 words has given complete idea abt the article and the content of it. very nice yaar.aur jab college memories wala caption padha na tab t apne din yaad aa gaye thats really the true picture of what we faced when left each other.

  7. Pranjal says:

    wel i think its one of ur fantastic imagination ……can’t describe in words!

  8. abhijeet masih says:

    hi mukti i was trying to gv u a scrap on orkut bt it does nt take my srapes.
    well my father nd i r conducting this ministry all over india.
    i loved FATHER TERESSA.I wud like to tell u about my father also bcz he is a muslim convert nd spent 8years of his life in jails.but god saved him miraculously nd nw he is going to jails to serve the LORD nd also the prisoners there.
    ill dafinatly tell about testimony of my father nd this ministry.

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