Jyotsna Sanghi kinda wedding!

Seeing someone who I have mostly known as an unassuming Plan Jane without a ‘girly’ care in the world or a mindfulness of a Chatai chappal on her feet, look all dressed up in Indian and manage to look so pretty, was a mix of pride and amusement. Of course she is beautiful in her very own ways. Yet, to the world out there, she looked her part right from the Day One. I am sure when I meet her next, I won’t miss teasing her for the ‘big achievement’.
Jyotsna Sanghi, the daughter of India’s biggest car dealer Sharad Sanghi, grew up to be a girl! And everybody who felt the transition during the three days of her wedding, was proud of her. But what impressed me most was that she loved this new role, embraced it as affectionately as she would hug a friend and carried it off as confidently as ever. It takes a Jyoti Sanghi to make graceful and vivacious look like synonyms.
Looking pink on her day of Mehendi, ‘J’ lived up to every bit of the ceremony, quite like her usual self. I actually sought signs of discomfort in her and pleasantly found none. While the lovely ladies danced up to the tunes of Bollywood numbers, and Geeta Aunty and her youngest daughter surrendered to the Mehendi artistes, I watched in amazement at the way each family member greeted each visitor. Despite it being a wedding of one of the most influential families in town, I felt at home for every second I spent there. Uncle Sharad, as always, surprised me with his memory and with his signature ‘Muuuuuuuuuuukti’, as I walked up to him coyly. I was sure he remembered each of J’s friends’ names.
ASIDES: Before I left, Jyoti Sanghi genuinely says, “I am so sorry I couldn’t spend as much time with you today”. I controlled the urge of giving her another hug saying, “Obviously dude, for God’s sake, it’s your wedding!”
I found the little bhajan that inaugurated the Sangeet Ceremony kind of cute. I am sure it was much of an experience to all her business acquaintances to watch the elegant Ragini hold a tiny piece of paper and deliver the Hindi Bhajan with all the sincerity of a ‘business woman’ that she is. What followed was a series of ‘wow’ moments that warmed our hearts. This must be counted as the merit of the Sanghis that even after having written 400 words, I still want to talk about the emotions the wedding generated and not the grandeur. Hardly was there any touch of extravagance. All I saw, admired and experienced was an enviable taste for class. I felt the same warmth that Sharad Sanghi so lavishly gives away, the same grace that Geeta Sanghi exudes so effortlessly when she looks into your eyes, the same affection with which Priya shakes hands with you and the same wisdom that Ragini invariably displays. And I think the reason why they all have similar qualities is because they are being themselves: Jyoti’s Family.
I wonder if this was the reason why it didn’t surprise me much to notice these very traits in Mayank. He looked every bit her better half. This guy is the proverbial “Greek god” and doesn’t seem to be aware of it! I am sure in a few months, I will find myself sitting beside Mayank and Jyoti, watching a Hollywood movie at PVR. For this is how J is! For her, life is more important than the display. And as much as I know Jyotsna Sanghi, for her, the idea of spending her life with Mayank is far more exciting and important than hosting a grand Wedding Ceremony!


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  1. Avanti says:

    Woww..!! Where was the wedding..??

  2. Mirna Homyak says:

    Wonderful blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Many thanks

    1. muktimasih says:

      Thanks and I have no idea how my blog landed on Yahoo News. This is news to me now 😀

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