Old Mays

Be a futile quest, know no aim nor rest
Or be an enquiry in oblivion, a heart’s cry in vain

Let it fade on the horizon, and find it’s own hymn
And scatter in sands, or sing deep in lands

Dwell in minutes that tickle, in words so fickle
Let a memory be born, let an image dawn

Long far and wide, and long deep in tides
Not pretend and connive, or in lies thrive

Come to me or walk away forever, bind it anew or once sever
Be a memory that gleams, so content in its sheen

Dissipate like the dew, only to be born anew
Let me be that leaf above, that withers soon in love

Drift away like morning rays, only to return to old Mays
Entangle in embrace, of memories, of dew, of haze


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  1. Phil says:

    Hi Mukti 🙂 I’d like to offer these words in response to the beauty you’ve shared through your poetry –

    Like the soft glow of moonlight
    Illuminating the night

    Or, flowers so bountiful
    In blossom, so beautiful

    May with questions, you receive
    The truth you seek, and believe

    Your heart light with happiness
    With much peace and love, God bless

    1. muktimasih says:

      Amazing Phil. You are a poet yourself 🙂

      1. Phil says:

        That’s very kind of you to say, Mukti 🙂 much appreciated! As previously noted, I enjoy poetry and also find you to be an inspirational person. I’ve also posted this poem on my site with a link back to your excellent poetry. I can’t figure out the time difference 😂 so I’ll simply wish you a wonderful week, my friend.

      2. muktimasih says:

        Yeah I checked out this poem on your blog too and was truly surprised pleasantly. Thank you. It’s awesome to know that my poems inspire you to write. Thank you once again.

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