It just takes a moment to look up!

Pity yourself for a day. You realize it sucks. And the world will embrace your stronger self more easily. Heck, pity yourself for your own sake. To get your own hug. And before you know it, you would learn to laugh at yourself.

For a change, listen to a bunch of parrots chirping at night. You will know nights are as beautiful to them. Even they can be nocturnal like yourself. They may be finishing off an argument over equal rights to female parrots, started during the day. Or a couple parrot may just be fighting over who brings food for the kids. Thank God they don’t have internet.

Fight jealousy for just one day. And see how beautiful it is to see the guy you like being happy with that other girl. Don’t they look cute together? So happy and content. It feels great to be elder one and rejoice in their joys.

Caress a street dog and surprise him. Don’t lure him with a biscuit. Give him a touch, a slight petting. What medical science calls ‘therapeutic’ was never meant as a medicine. It was the vitamin you needed every day.

Be old school. So pick up an old classic even when your friends call you ‘girlie’. Find evidence of an era that seized to exist. Find a protagonist who is like you. Live her life for a week. Feel her feelings, love her loves, amuse her muses. Or better still, get that old blazer you wore as a kid. Mismatch it with random shoes and a rugged shirt. You will see the beauty of history, the gorgeousness of past.

Buy a gramophone look-alike or the 80s telephone. Push dial and play ‘phone phone’. Or if that inspires you enough, get matchsticks, threads and make your own. Your childhood will whisper in the travelling sound I promise.

Chuck the Gucci-duplicate bag and get a back-pack instead. Get a pair of those less fancy basic chappals. Take them to the beach. Spread a hand-stitched mattress. Make Bhel together with a bunch of friends. Make the guys cut onions and tomatoes et al. It would feel like Summer.

Fill a diary with your bad handwriting. But use a fountain pen. The one that leaks. Write random events. Write boring accounts of travels. Or scribble quotes you read years ago. Or just pen down the things some people told you.

On some nights, get out of your bed and look at the stars. And keep looking until you realize the randomness of life and learn to appreciate it the way it is. Look Up. And you will see life’s amazing script unraveling before your eyes.


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