Setting up a Christmas art store in 2021

It’s Christmas 2021 and the world has not ended. We still have the same hope of eternal life like we had earlier. We still have an unchanging God who offers salvation for free. And we are reminded of this hope once again. Yay! That’s good news!

Since the world still exists, I thought I might as well take up my annual Christmas project. I finally mustered up the courage to display my acrylic art work – showcasing White Christmas (a tribue to my lifelong longing) – this year. I was good nine days behind the schedule I had originally set. But still it happened. White Christmas Art – my art store – saw the light of the day. Hallelujah!

Two of my paintings and an acrylic-wood tea coaster set were sold at a decent price. And that was all the validation I needed to continue my stumbling vocation in fine arts.

Anyway, just in case my readers were curious what I was upto past few months and what I painted, here’s a glimpse of the paintings I put up (and I am still putting up until January 2nd).

One of the paintings that got sold –

A red house in Snow

And a few others that didn’t –

I struggled with labelling each of these paintings. Any advice is welcome.
Broda and I experimented with backgrounds while shooting the paintings

Many people took this Christmas gnome as Santa. It’s not.

I am still to put up this one.

I used my little space where I usually paint over the weekends as the background for most images. Afterall, most of those paintings were created in that space. So we tried to do a little photo shoot with all the paintings together. Let’s see how that went.

When Jack decided to photobomb

All of a sudden Jack wanted to be in the picture and effectively blocked some paintings. So we tried to calm him and down and lured him away. Well, almost.

It was his tail this time but not blocking. And then one good shot. It cracked me up when I looked at these images again.

Why was Christmas meant to be white?

I named my store White Christmas Art very conciously. I remember when I first began painting last year, Christmas was round the corner and my heart longed to paint white Christmas. I read somewhere that artists paint and writers write about the things they long for the most. Well, I have always longed for a white Christmas.

But now when I think about it, anyone CAN experience a white Christmas. I realized I have. If you really ponder over what Christmas is all about, you will realize – oh well, how wonderful, Christmas was always meant to be white anyway.

Jesus Christ – the son of God – took the form of a human for me. He was born to a virgin and in a manger of a stable – so commonplace. The good news was told to NOT kings or queens, not royals or aristrocrats, not rich or powerful but was told to the shepherds. This so I would get the message that He was born for a commoner (and an amateur acrylic painter) like myself.

Christmas was meant to clean and cleanse my sins away. Christ was born in order to die as a penalty for my sins. He died so my dirty, stained soul would become white as snow.

It is Christ who made my soul and your soul as white as snow, as clean as crystal because He paid the penalty for my and your sins on the cross.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. ROMANS 5:8

That is both the miracle and the message that’s Christmas. Wow! Christmas made me spotless and clean in the eyes of God. It made me white. I hope you experience this white Christmas sooner, like I did and like many people around the world did. Merry (White) Christmas!


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  1. Phil says:

    First, I love your White Christmas Art paintings! Despite cold winter temperatures, you’ve conveyed very warm and comforting scenes. And, as you’ve welcomed input for titles, I’ll toss in my two-cents regarding the second painting…ummm, how about “Winter Pines Chalet”. While Jack photobombs your art studio photo shoot, your artworks present well and your beauty is simply stunning! Thank you for sharing through the goodness of your heart, this Christmas message reminding all that it’s never too late to welcome Jesus Christ into our lives, seek forgiveness of our sins through prayer and become white as snow. God bless you, Mukti ~ Merry Christmas!

    1. muktimasih says:

      Thanks Phil for your kind words as always.

      1. Phil says:

        It’s always my pleasure, dear Mukti, and seeing your lovely face this morning is a welcomed way to start my day, putting a big smile on mine! 😃

  2. Ishita says:

    Hey I didn’t know you are a talented painter, loved each and every single one. Would love to see more

    1. muktimasih says:

      Thanks so much Ishita, sorry for replying so late. So happy that you liked those painting. Thanks for stopping by.

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