This is how I found my life’s purpose!

I didn’t wake up one fine day and a purpose flashed before my eyes. It has been a long tedious process of stumbling, and loads of confusion, and a totally weird sense of listlessness before I finally realized what I was cut out for, and for what purpose had God saved my soul when I was 17.

After several heartaches and witnessing weird examples of the so-called ‘successful marriages’, I have deduced that being in God’s will is more important than being married. Marriage is not a box to check off in your success list, it is a blessing that may or may not come in your life depending on your priorities.

Christmas 2020 with my parents

Recently, I had the pleasure of being on a podcast that’s meant for single people like myself. It is hosted by David Brühlmann – one of the most purpose-driven people I know. He put together a blog that sums up the interview.

Do check it out – How to find your life’s purpose with Mukti Masih


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  1. Phil says:

    Sometimes, one has a sense that the day holds great promise in store. That time has arrived, today, as seeing your lovely face always warms my heart and brightens my outlook. One of India’s top 10 writers, I think that you must also be one of the most beautiful women in your country…and, beyond. Thank you for sharing your interview, dear Mukti, and I wish for you continued success in your purpose-driven journey. God speed, my friend. 🌺🙏

    1. muktimasih says:

      Thanks for all your wishes Phil. Happy you enjoyed it.

  2. Very moving and soulful and you are a deep soul,you are the truth, respect, peace and uplift to you always

    1. muktimasih says:

      Thank you so much

  3. attis says:

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