Thank God for books like ‘Little Women’

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott left an indelible mark on my memory. Find out why.

I would rather

I would rather be a clown clad in a tattered gown Than be a neat clone of every pretty one I would rather cry and cry and let the whole being sigh Than pretend to forget  that we never really met I would rather so much miss that never happening kiss Than bare my body…

When the heart wants what it wants

I am at a stage where in the ‘social’ and ‘worldly’ sense, I am beyond redemption. It used to sadden me only a few years ago and also make me bitter sometimes. But over the years, I have learnt to laugh at it. No, genuinely. Being a single girl in her 30s in India, most…

Touched by blood

She knew at once. She had touched the corner of his cloak in a swift movement. He had turned around, astonished. A cool audacious breeze blew sand and brushed her curly tresses. Most people shielded their eyes. She caught the dance of the palm leaves above her. Yet her world had seized in that moment….

The School of LIfe

This is an annual paradoxical period at CH ( the institute where I teach). On one hand we, as faculty members, are triumphing at the success of a substantial number of students who got calls from various prestigious B-Schools in the country including the IIMs. We are also gearing them up for the various GD-PI…