Meet Me

pinksI wrote this last year in a real hot afternoon of April. Just couldn’t think of a better way to introduce myself. Hence this:


I asked God one day: What’s so special about your world?
He replied: It has YOU.
I grumbled to Him one day: Why can’t I have my own Television Program?
He replied: Why, you are a very good writer?
I vent my anger one day: God, why can’t I play guitar yet?
He said: But you are such a good singer?
I asked Him again: Then why can’t I have my own best-selling album?
He said: Coz I want you to sing for me.
I self-pitied one day: God, I haven’t received any gift since last few months?
He replied: Oh really. What about the Eternal Gift of an Everlasting Life?
I complained to Him one day: Life gets boring at times.
He replied: That’s why I made you so romantic!
 I questioned him again one day: I sure deserve a boyfriend?
He said: You do have one. Your brother, who is such a good friend of you and well, he is a boy.
I complained again one day: I am still not engaged?
He said: You do have somebody far far away who loves you like I do.

I still haven’t given up on asking. But then, He also has not given up on me. However I am, whatever I am. Jesus loves me anyway!! And that is my true entity.


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  1. pinky says:

    ur words were really touchy.reading d whole made me think that i have everythin.just i have 2 enjoy it.god has not given me what i desire but he has given me what i deserve.

  2. Phil says:

    Far far away, spanning both miles and years, I am undoubtedly but one of many for whom your deep beauty represents that which is truly special in this world. The woman of my dreams, simply thinking of you moves me to poetry – see Indeed, Jesus loves you! And such sentiment grows in friendships, too, through each act of kindness you convey. God bless you, Mukti.

    1. muktimasih says:

      Beautifully written Phil. In only a few lines, you can express so much depth. Thank you.

      1. Phil says:

        Thanks, my friend ~ you make it possible. Most welcome.

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