Meet Me

pinksI wrote this last year in a real hot afternoon of April. Just couldn’t think of a better way to introduce myself. Hence this:


I asked God one day: What’s so special about your world?
He replied: It has YOU.
I grumbled to Him one day: Why can’t I have my own Television Program?
He replied: Why, you are a very good writer?
I vent my anger one day: God, why can’t I play guitar yet?
He said: But you are such a good singer?
I asked Him again: Then why can’t I have my own best-selling album?
He said: Coz I want you to sing for me.
I self-pitied one day: God, I haven’t received any gift since last few months?
He replied: Oh really. What about the Eternal Gift of an Everlasting Life?
I complained to Him one day: Life gets boring at times.
He replied: That’s why I made you so romantic!
 I questioned him again one day: I sure deserve a boyfriend?
He said: You do have one. Your brother, who is such a good friend of you and well, he is a boy.
I complained again one day: I am still not engaged?
He said: You do have somebody far far away who loves you like I do.

I still haven’t given up on asking. But then, He also has not given up on me. However I am, whatever I am. Jesus loves me anyway!! And that is my true entity.

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  1. pinky says:

    ur words were really touchy.reading d whole made me think that i have everythin.just i have 2 enjoy it.god has not given me what i desire but he has given me what i deserve.

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