My Dillemmas

As the work piles up every day and every night even as I struggle to say NO to assignments, I find it a constant scare to match up with people’s expectations in relationships. I find it hard to just drop an email to a friend, yet manage to please a few of them.

Two, putting aside a few jealousies will always be a struggle for me. The dillemmas remain in my heart as if for eternity as I resolve ever so often not to be so jealous of a few underserving people. The Bible has a clear verdict on this one, following it however, is such a big deal.

Three, my biography on my dad remains a ‘status quo’ with its only first chapter written. We both are just struggling to co-ordinate our work timings.

Four, my resolution of watching a good movie every week and finish one good book every two weeks has not been achieved so far.


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  1. Deepti Shukla says:

    Hey Mukti di…u r such a fine writer…hav heard of it b4 …bt today got to read it for d very 1st time…so finally today i “MET U”…
    v all face similar dillemma’s…the expectation’s mgmt…d hard wrk tht goes un-rewarded…d missing fun part in life…bt thn i guess thts wat being human means…

    keep posting…

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